Barkman Kits

Oasis Rectangular Patio Kit

Oasis Square Fire Pit

Oasis Compact Fire Place

Oasis Curved Bar

Oasis Pillar Kit

Oasis Fire Place

Oasis Circle Patio Kit

Oasis Water Fall Kit

Oasis Pizza Oven 

We are pleased to offer our Edmonton customers a large selection of high end Barkman patio kits available for pick up or delivery.  Our Barkman landscape kits are easy to assemble, complete, come in various colors, require no cutting and can be delivered to site.  Our packages can include but are not limited to the following

Visual Installation Presentation — Aggregate Base Road Crush — Sand — Tools for Installation — Paving Stone or Patio Kit — Polymeric Sand — Edge Pro Paver Restraint & 10” Paver Nails —

Please inquire about cost effective custom kits where we will build a kit for you on site to fit your patio needs

We Supply and can help arrange install for the following Barkman Oasis Patio kits click the links below: