Rough & Final Grade


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$192  -   FULL LOADS OF SOIL - 12 CUYD


New Yard Final Grade

"Final grade" is the final topsoil layer that must be installed before any landscape work can be completed.  In residential projects the final grade must be inspected and passed by a city engineer.  

The city engineer is looking for proper topsoil depth as it relates to pre-established numbers after the clay based rough grade.  Stantec or Pals are generally the two firms that deal with the inspection.  They base their decision (pass or fail) on a criteria built around both a visual inspection of the yard’s swale and grade and whether appropriate topsoil depths are reached at certain points in the yard.  

Our contractors guarantee their final grades and have completed hundreds of final grade projects in and around the Edmonton area.

Mature Yard Renovation

Whitemud Landscape Center specializes in mature yard renovations.  Our educated staff can help you find the right contractor to complete your landscape project and accurately quote your necessary materials.

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