The Whitemud Landscape Center is proud to be Edmonton's exclusive Strata Stone distributor, providing the region with beautiful natural quarried stone for a variety of applications.

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Bedrock Black Stone

The Bedrock Black is a natural quarried limestone with a very dark uniform matte black colour. It is available in a 3-piece pattern or in large individual slabs.

  • Finish: Natural Riven

  • Edges: Hand Cut

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Tectonic Tan Stone

Tectonic Tan is a natural quarried sandstone that ranges in colour from golden to brown with various striations and veins. It is available in a 3-piece pattern.

  • Finish: Natural Cleft

  • Edges: Hand Cut

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Arkose Amber SLab

Arkose Amber is a natural quarried limestone of red, yellow, gold and amber tones. It is a smooth finished product for indoor or outdoor use and is sold in large format slabs.

  • Finish: Semi-Polished / Honed

  • Edges: Sawn