How to Properly Install Edmonton’s Finest Sod

Step 1:  Ground preparation

2 yard scenarios exist that determine the extent of the work involved for appropriate ground preparation prior to laying your sod

(a) New yard –  Usually rough grade has been completed by the developer and final grading needs to be done with topsoil and approved by the city before sod installation. Once final grade has been approved by the city sod can be installed on the freshly installed topsoil.

(b) Mature yard – Depending on the state of the mature yard the existing sod or material where the sod is planned to be installed must be removed to make room for freshly screened easy to spread topsoil or graded appropriately to accommodate positive drainage and an even surface for sod to be installed on.

Step 2: Sod Installation:  

Things to consider when installing  sod in Edmonton

(a)  Is the sod fresh – Our sod is cut in the morning we sell it.  The sod is cut in 2′ by 5′ rolls and stacked on 70 roll pallets.  When left in the sun too long the sod begins to rot.  You can tell by the smell of the sod when unrolled.  The sod is still fine and will live just the same if laid immediately.

(b)  Is the ground raked smooth – make sure you have a rake handy to smooth out the surface of the sod before you lay down each piece

(c)  Have you staggered the sod – be sure to stagger each row of sod to keep to many of the seems from lining up.

(d)  Tuck in the edges and ends of each roll to every other roll that they come in contact with.

(e)  Water as soon as the sod has been laid – water diligently and the rule is do not let your sod dry out.